Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What drives you to create stuff?

There are various possibilities, I suppose - whether writing music, blogposts, novels or sermons.

So you don't write. Or you do write but only when something spontaneously comes into your head - a lyric perhaps, or a tune.

The desire to be famous - for the sake of... what exactly?

More likely than famelust, perhaps. You write so that someone will say something nice about you. "He's so talented!". "What a brilliant metaphor!"

Imagine creating that one song, novel or comedy YouTube video that gives you sustainable income for life. The freedom!

To prove you can
Maybe because you don't believe you can.

I'm not immune to such pulls. But, at my best, I create because I see needs.

I see Psalms, written under God's inspiration, that no one sings in the sorts of Churches I attend.

I see people led astray by shallow arguments and facile catchphrases.

I see my unborn baby boy who will need a lullaby for bedtime.

I see truths and realities people don't like to understand or believe, let alone sing about.

I see prepositions at the end of sentences that I don't care about.

I see trees of green, red roses too (still reading?)

What drives you to create? Is it a good thing?

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