Monday, 26 May 2014

Weekend end reflections

1. There are a lot of awesome people in my life.

2. Can we all at least agree that we're happy that the BNP has been destroyed this weekend?

3. I can't stop thinking about a lady I met at the weekend. Raped when 15 and in foster care and had forced termination. Now looking after her sister's 5 year old boy who was badly abused and bears the (behavioural) scars.

She became a Christian in January. Lord keep her and make her story end well.

4. Well happy for Tim and Sarah. And James and Libby.

5. Drink alcohol when you're happy, not when you're sad. And be happy as much as possible.

6. Listening to Pharrell Williams or Guvna B songs does not aid in this pursuit.

7. There is an enormous difference between a bad latte and an ok one. But there is an even bigger difference between an ok one and a great one. Go to Taylor St Baristas in Brighton.

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