Tuesday, 28 June 2016


As a leave voter, without reservation, I say:

  • The murder of Jo Cox was horrific and evil.
  • So is any intimidation towards people, such as in the recent bus video
  • If anyone is out there and reading this post who would remotely consider any kind of behaviour along these lines (I hugely doubt it), PLEASE STOP. It won't help you, or your cause, at all and is absolutely wrong.

I don't know if I've denounced these acts strongly enough to satisfy remainers. I don't know what they expect it will achieve, me being extremely insignificant. I'd be deeply puzzled and perturbed if anyone thinks that I am remotely in favour of these acts. But I will do anything reasonable to make it completely clear that these acts are abhorrent and wrong.

But there's more to say on the topic.

Glen Scrivener tweeted this earlier:
Follow the whole conversation on Twitter - I think it was helpful. Don't blame Glen for anything I say now.

But sign me up for that hashtag. #YouAintNoLeaverBruv to all those who commit, or try to commit such acts. But it's worth pointing out that those marring all leave voters as if they're responsible are unlikely to blame all Muslims for the acts of the violent ISIS-types. Can we at least use the same standards?

(There are differences - leave voters do not necessarily share any views beyond wanting to leave the EU - whereas Muslims, at least theoretically, believe in God, Muhammad as his true prophet, the inspiration of the Quran and much more besides)


  • Imagine it had been 52-48% the other way. Do we really think there would be no such violence had the remainers got their way?
  • Evil is with us all the time. Are there any stats (not just anecdotes) to show an increase in such incidents since Friday? I'm not disputing that, I simply haven't seen anything concrete,
  • Is it possible that these acts are better traced back to the general breakdown of society, objective morality, class divisions and geographical divisions rather than the specific votes of 52% of those who voted on membership of an international club?
Jesus Christ unites those who, by faith, are united to him (Christians). He tears down divisions between jews and gentiles, between working class and middle class, between north and south, between English and Polish, between #Leave and #Remain. This happens in the Church.

You want to fix society? You want to stop racism and violence? Jesus is the way. The time-tested, proven way to bring good to societies and nations. All are welcome. None are turned away. It's a visible reality at my church and many, many others around the country.

To be honest, it's significantly more likely that someone who's not a Christian will get this far, than that any thug will read my denouncements at the top. So if that's you, yes, I really do believe that and I really want you to see this for yourself. Ask me, or another Christian friend about it any time you want.

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